General Election: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Election Day: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Voting begins at 6 am and polls close at 7 pm. However, if you are in line at a polling location by 7 pm, you must be allowed to vote.  

Attention: While you may register to vote online if you have an Arizona Drivers License, you may not vote online. All voting takes place on an official Ballot by Mail or at an official polling place.

Ballots by Mail have been mailed to those who requested to be on the Permanent Early Voting List — If you still have yours, do NOT put it in the mail. Instead:

  • You can drop your ballot-by-mail at one of the white drop boxes at 110 E. Cherry or at the Health Department at 2625 N. King Street in Flagstaff or at City Hall in Sedona until polls close on November 6. These are available 24 hours per day and this weekend.
  • On Election Day, you can take your ballot to your precinct voting location or to one of the Vote Centers at the Flagstaff Mall, Tuba City High School, or the NAU Skydome.  You do not have to take it to your home precinct and you do not have to stand in line. Go into the polling site and drop the ballot in the designated box for mail-in ballots

Vote Centers are a new convenience in this election. Anyone registered in Coconino County may vote at any one of those locations.

November 6 Voting: All voters may vote at their precinct polling places on November 6 or at one of the three Vote Centers in the County.

  • Precinct polling place addresses are here:  Precinct Polling Places.  Polling locations have changed since 2016, so check before you head out.
  • Vote Centers are open to any voter registered in Coconino County and these centers are at the Flagstaff Mall, at Tuba City High School, and at the NAU Skydome. Free parking at all locations.

When you vote in person on Election Day, you must present valid identification at the polling place. Typically, this will be a driver’s license or tribal enrollment card. Here is the full list of acceptable voter identification.  If a poll worker challenges your identification, ask to vote a “provisional ballot.”  You then have more time to provide identification or resolve the challenge. Voter Protection Hotline: 833-856-1544 

Plan for 2020: Signup to join the majority of Arizonans who now vote by mail: Permanent Early Voting

Even if you like to go to the polls on Election Day, it’s useful to have your ballot mailed to you in advance. You can review it before you go to the polls, complete it at home, and drop the ballot at your polling place without waiting in line (and without presenting your identification). If you choose to vote by mail, plan to drop your ballot in the mail no later than six days before the election to assure its delivery. You can also drop it at the County Elections Office or a few other convenient locations around the county.

More Frequently Asked Questions about Voting