What you may not know about Ponderosa Trails

There are three things regarding the rezoning of the Auza parcel/s that should be understood by Ponderosa Trails residents before this rezoning by the Planning and Zoning Commission is decided.

1) The developer, Trinsic Residential, is not under contract to purchase all 16.1 acres of the property, but only about 9.1 acres. This is because it is cheaper for the developer to buy less. However, Mr. Auza gets to keep all the acreage on the north side of High Country Trail because of the easement he has agreed to that places the other 7 acres as conserved in perpetuity. Consequently, that forces the developer to squeeze all 15 buildings of their apartment complex onto approximately 6.1 acres (since they can not build under the power lines). That means that the actual units/acre density (allowing 20% for affordable units) is really 139/6.1 or 22.8 — that is way over the 9 units/acre maximum for MR zoning. This is inconsistent with the Regional Plan that says that any new development “emulates the look and functionality of the existing developed area.”

#2) Results of a PTHOA email poll were that 87% of the 340 units who responded were opposed to this rezoning. The margin of error that I have calculated for 99% confidence level was +/- 4.78% if all 639 units had responded. The people have spoken.

#3) A drainage line will need to be installed underneath High Country Trail for this development. They will need to install this line during construction that will be a nightmare for anyone needing to travel on it. In general, though, it is a safety issue since no (reasonable) alternate way for emergency vehicles to access Ponderosa Trails exists if there is an adjacent accident on High Country Trail. Infrastructure needs to first be added for alternate access.

Please seriously consider attending the P&Z public hearing (April 24) to voice your concerns and feel free to contact me at goldblattp@hotmail.com if you wish to discuss or ask questions.


Arizona Daily Sun April 14, 2019

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