2022 Candidates

Compare Democratic and Republican Candidates

First, we offer a quick and dirty “compare and contrast” view of our federal, statewide, and legislative candidates versus the MAGA lineup nominated by the Arizona Republican Party. Click the image to view.

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Sample Ballot: Our Nominees and Endorsements

Here is our recommendation on how to fill out your ballot, including voting on ballot propositions. Every household in the County with a registered Democrat will get one of these in the mail in October. (Watch for the envelope marked “Sample Ballot” with our return address.)

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Sample Ballot 2022

Judicial Candidates

You’ll be asked whether certain judges should be “retained.”

  • For the State Supreme Court, we recommend a “no” vote on all judges.
  • For the Court of Appeals, Division 1, we recommend a “no” vote on Cynthia J. Bailey and a “yes” vote for the other judges.
  • For Coconino County judges, we recommend a “yes” vote on all judges up for retention.

For more information on the judicial retention recommendations, we refer you to Gavel Watch Report Card for Arizona Judges prepared by Civic Engagement Beyond Voting.

How We Made Our Endorsements

Candidates in partisan races are nominated by the Democrats and Independents who voted in the August Primary Election.

Our recommendations on ballot measures were made after two deliberative meetings of our nine-member County Party Executive Committee, which took into account statements in support of the measures as found on the Secretary of State’s website, our knowledge of legislative history on referrals from the Legislature as reported by our Legislative Committee, our work with sponsors of the citizens’ initiatives, and actions by the Arizona Democratic Party to endorse certain of the measures. Note: Since we went to print, opponents of the Free and Fair Elections Initiative prevailed in court, so that will not be on the ballot — it is the middle one of three in the 200 series.

Because of the unusual situation with the Flagstaff City Council non-partisan race, our Executive Committee decided to make endorsements in the race. The unusual situation: There are four open council seats and only two candidates on the ballot. One of those candidates is aligned with radical, extremist State Senator Wendy Rogers and, we believe, should not be elected. Numerous candidates have filed as write-in candidates. Because of campaign finance laws, we can not coordinate with any candidates. In late July, we independently reviewed the list of candidates on the City website and identified their party affiliations ourselves. There were more than three Democrats on the write-in list. In order to improve the chances that the seats would be filled by Democrats, we did not want to endorse more than three write-ins. (Austin Aslan, a Democrat and valuable incumbent, is on the ballot and earned our endorsement for one of the four seats.) To assist us in determining which of the write-in candidates had viable campaigns, we sent a survey to the Democratic candidates with a deadline for return of August 2. The Executive Committee then determined to endorse three of the then-listed Democrats: Deborah Harris, Khara House, and Thea Karlin. Here are the responses we received to the questionnaire:

Deborah Harris
Khara House
Thea Karlin
Sydney Shevat

Here is a list of all Democrats running for office in Coconino County and their websites as known to us:

All Democratic Candidates