Remove Gosar – Update and Action!

Our neighboring county, Yavapai, has been engaged in an intense series of actions regarding District 4 Congressman Paul Gosar. Here’s the latest:

#RemovePaulGosar Update and Further Action

Paul Gosar is in the news for supporting the #BigLie, organizing Insurrection, and advocating White Supremacy. The media has not been revealing his relationship to his funders. But….all of you have!

It’s Working. The American Dental Association🦷 is now aware of who their PAC is supporting and they are feeling pressure. Callers are reporting back to us. Dialogue is happening inside the organization. This is how change is made.

A professional facilitator even contacted us personally and canceled their “diversity empowerment” workshop with the ADA membership when they found out the ADA supported insurrectionist Paul Gosar. They told the ADA “I am here to dismantle white supremacy, not support it.” Cancellations like that go straight to leadership!

BUT the ADA has not yet publicly stated they will stop funding Paul Gosar… so we have to keep the pressure up.

We are expanding our tactics:

  • Call the ADA Political Action Committee  202 789 5171
  • Call the American Association of Pediatric Dentists  312 337 2169 (They also fund Paul Gosar with their PAC)
  • Share on Social Media:
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