About that USPS Postcard

You may have received this card in the mail from the US Postal Service.

This is an official information card published by the USPS. However, some of the information may be vague or confusing because it wasn’t tailored to our Arizona voting system. 

  1. Arizona does not have an Absentee Ballot. 

Instead, we have:

  • Early Ballots By Mail
  • PEVL — the Permanent Early Voting List
  • You can ask to receive an Early Ballot by Mail for this election only, or
  • You can ask to be added to the Permanent Early Voting List for this and all future elections.

The deadline to request your ballot by mail for this election is October 23 though we suggest you do it NOW and vote as soon as you receive your ballot

You can request a ballot by mail and even register to vote at IWillVote.com

2. All Coconino County Early Ballots will include a postage-paid return envelope.

  • Do not use a stamp when you return your ballot. This will only complicate the ballot processing at the post office and may delay the processing.

3. Date to Mail Your Ballot

  • We recommend you mail your ballot no later than October 16
  • You may also drop your ballot in one of our County Elections Office’s official drop boxes or return it to an Early Voting Location. There are many drop boxes, early voting sites, and mobile voting sites. Here’s where to find them.

While We’re on the Topic of Voting by Mail:

“No signature” is the leading cause of ballots being rejected. Your signature is required on the outside of the envelope in which you return your ballot. The Elections Office personnel will match that signature to the signature on file with your voter registration before processing your ballot.

Vote Early!

Questions about voting? CoconinoDemocrats.org/Vote

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