Action Alert: All Mail Election

Arizona was the only presidential primary state to show an increase in voter turnout from 2016. Surely, the fact that more than half of our voters receive their ballots by mail played a role in that.

Given the current environment around COVID-19, holding in-person elections appears problematic.  Let’s make sure our county elections officials statewide have the option to conduct an all-mail election if they choose.

SB1077 – Support – This bill provides for the option to conduct an all-mail election if, in a particular county, the board of supervisors approves and more than 60% of voters have already signed up for early voting via mail, i.e., Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL).  This bill has languished in the state Senate since January 14.  It’s never had a hearing.  Let’s do our part to breathe some life into it. 

Contact the Legislature by phone, email, Resistbot, and RTS. Here’s the info you need:

For Resistbot: Text “Resist” to 504-09. Follow the prompts to send a letter to your legislator and Governor Ducey.

For RTS: This bill hasn’t had a hearing but you can still use RTS to make your voice heard in the legislature. You can register your position on this bill by doing the following: 

  1. Log in to Request to Speak (
  2. Choose My Bill Positions
  3. Search for 1077
  4. Choose it when it appears
  5. Record your position
  6. Then click Add.
  7. You’re done!

Let’s give our elections officials the option to make our August Primary and November General Election an ALL mail event. (With some exceptions for voters in need of assistance and working with the Navajo Nation to assure the address-issue is not a deterrent to voting — the latter is already underway.) TAKE ACTION!

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