Action Alert: Before 11 a.m. on Wednesday

HB2244:  “Strict Compliance” on Initiatives is up for a vote in the Arizona Senate Wednesday at 11 a.m.  This “strict compliance” measure could potentially disqualify pages of petitions because the margin is slightly too wide, or a person writes his name differently than on his voter ID. CALL YOUR SENATORS TO OPPOSE.

Call Senator Allen. Tell her that you want your call tallied. Keep it short: Simply say you oppose HB2244 because it curtails democratic participation.
Contact: 602.926.5409
Also email her:

Background: This bill comes to the floor pursuant to the “Strike Everything” procedure in the Arizona legislature, so you may not recognize it if you try to look it up.  (The AZLEwebsite still listed this as a “gun bill” during the last few days, but it actually is now a ball to thwart citizen initiatives).   It will have to go back to the House for another vote, if it passes the Senate, because it is a “striker.”   This bill requires signatures to be thrown out for a wide range of technical, non-substantive, issues such as the exact with of the margins on the signature sheets, if the address omits the “avenue” or “drive” whereas the voter address on official records has “avenue” or “drive” as part of the address, of if the middle initial on the signature sheet is different than the one on the voter rolls, and a host of other technical issues.  The entire signature sheet is thrown out, not just the one name that has a problem.

Here’s Howard Fischer’s article on the bill for more details.

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