Action Alert: "Empowerment" Not OK!

Our state legislature is proposing a $5,000 taxpayer funded check/debit card for parents to directly fund homeschool, online, private, or charter school. That means a significant amount of taxpayer money that normally goes to public schools will be gone.

Not ok:

– for students who depend on transportation, food, and might not have the best home life.
– for the majority of parents who choose public schools and their children that attend
– to take taxpayer money and fund religious education
– that teachers, and standards will be unregulated 
– for kids whose parents don’t know how or can’t access anything other than their local public school 
– for our democracy and free and equal education

Also, not ok for Arizona taxpayers. Republican claims that this bill will save money are patently false. This is a payoff to the private school lobby, plain and simple.

Take action ASAP as the bills are being voted on in the next week or so. Oppose HB2394 and SB1431. These bills have been voted out of committee and are headed to the floor in the coming week.

Call our State Senator for Legislative District 6, Sylvia Allen: Phone: 602-926-5409 and email her 

Also call our state reps, Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe. Rep. Barton’s phone is (602) 926-4129 and her email is  and Bob Thorpe’s phone is (602) 926-5219 and his email is

For more information look at the Arizona School Board Association’s position statement. This is a group that is a conglomeration of all the school boards in Arizona. Unlike the Center for Arizona Policy (first google hit), it is not funded by questionable sources or supported by a certain political agenda. You can also read the bills for yourself online at


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