Action Alert – Methane Gas Emissions!

The Congressional Review Act (CRA) allows Congress to undo any regulation the Executive branch issued in the last few months. Congressional Republicans are using it to roll back environmental protections. This week groups are doing coordinated calling on a bill that falls under CRA:

Ask McCain and Flake to oppose Senate Joint Resolution 11 which would reverse a law that required oil and gas companies to repair or replace equipment that leaks methane into the atmosphere. The House has already passed this resolution and the Senate may vote on it Tuesday or Wednesday.

• Jeff Flake
DC: 202.224.4521
Phoenix: 602.840.1891
Email:; click on contact

• John McCain
DC: 202.224.2235
Prescott: 928.445.0833
Phoenix: 602.952.2410
Email:; click on contact

Phone Script: Hi, my name is ___________from ___________, AZ, zip code__________________. I am calling to ask Senator ___________to oppose Senate Joint Resolution 11. I am concerned that if companies are not required to repair or replace equipment that leaks methane into the atmosphere, we will see negative environmental effects. We know methane is a major greenhouse gas. My network and I will take Senator ___________position on SJ 11 under consideration in future decisions. Thank you. I urge Senator _______ to protect our federal lands.


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