Action Alert: Tell Ducey To Follow the Science

Yesterday, a small group of protesters circled the empty Arizona Capitol demanding that Governor Ducey lift his stay-at-home order. These small protests seem not to be spontaneous, grassroots movements but rather something egged-on by Trump re-election operatives, and, of course, by Trump’s own Tweets. Still, these are the Republican base and while Ducey is not up for re-election this year, he’s no doubt feeling the heat.

We need to let Ducey know that the majority of us oppose a premature opening of non-essential businesses. Use Resistbot or write an email or call. Suggested scripts below.

“I live in Arizona and I’m very concerned about the impact of the pandemic upon our economy and our healthcare workers. Please follow the advice of medical and economic experts in deciding when to lift your stay-at-home order. The last thing this state needs is a resurgence of cases following a premature lifting of the stay-at-home order.”

“Please do not place greater stress on our healthcare system by prematurely re-opening the economy. We do not need more deaths among our citizens and we cannot afford to lose healthcare workers.”

“Just say “No” to Operation Gridlock protesters. These people do not understand science or even the basic threat to themselves much less to the rest of our communities. Follow the advice of medical experts about when and how to re-open Arizona’s economy.”

More info:

“Will Gov. Doug Ducey stand tough against pressure from Operation Gridlock (and Donald Trump)?”

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