Action Alert: The Next Cornavirus Bill Must Help State and Local Governments

Background: McConnell’s rejection of federal aid for states risks causing a depression, analysts say.

Local governments are being left out by Congress and need special support due to the impacts of the COVID19 virus. Take Action by calling Congress with this script:

“My name is ___________________, I live in ______________, at zip code __________.  I’m calling to urge you to develop and pass legislation that will lead to substantial support for State and Local governments as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.  WIthout substantial aid, states, which are required to balance their budgets every year, even in recessions and depressions, will almost certainly lay off teachers and other workers, cut health care, education, and other key services, making the economic downturn much more severe.  Furthermore, it is essential that whatever aid is provided that it be allocated to counties and municipalities based on actual need rather than some other formula like population.  Please act decisively and quickly!!  Thank you for your time and attention.”

Here is contact info for our two Senators and Congressman O’Halleran.

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