Action Alert!

Over 400 hundred people turned out at the Flagstaff airport to protest the refugee ban. Love this town!

So much is happening at once. Two terrible things that we must not be distracted from:

(1) The current occupant of the White House has removed the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the principals’ list of the National Security Council and said that military will be barred from some NSA meetings. In their place, he installed Steve Bannon, known white supremacist. More to come on this.

(2) The confirmation hearing for Senator Sessions as Attorney General is currently scheduled for Tuesday, January 31st. Senator Sessions says that he has changed but that just isn’t true. In 2013 he voted against the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). As AG, Sessions would be in charge of enforcing this law.

It is equally doubtful that Senator Sessions will use the DOJ to help the mothers of people murdered by police obtain justice from a law enforcement system that believes their Black, Brown and Red lives don’t really matter.

“As an opponent of the vote, he can’t be trusted to be the chief law-enforcement officer for voting rights,” said NAACP President/CEO Cornell William Brooks. President Trump is already saying that the DOJ will work to prosecute the 3 million illegal voters in the 2016 election; Senator Sessions will be sliding back into his old ways of prosecuting people working to empower voters.

Our Senator, Jeff Flake, sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Call Flake on Monday and say “No to Jeff Sessions.” 202-224-4521 and 602-840-1891.

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