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In keeping with the national Republic campaign to undermine confidence in our secure election systems, Arizona GOP state legislators this year have introduced over 100 bills that would make it harder for Arizonans to vote. In a normal legislative session, we would see only 30 to 40 election-related bills. This session, it’s roughly 140.  

In stark contrast, the Arizona Democratic Party and the Democrats in the Arizona Legislature have continued to champion measures to increase access to the ballot for Arizona voters. We remain firm in our support for early voting, vote by mail, same-day registration, automatic voter registration, and other proven measures to increase voter participation, not restrict it.  

There are four specific GOP bills making their way through the legislature right now that pose an unacceptably high risk to Arizona voters. It is crucial that Democrats across the state make every effort to put a stop to these voter suppression bills: 

  • HB 2289: This bill would eliminate early voting completely and require that hand counts be conducted for every election. Nearly 90% of Arizona voters voted early in the November 2020 election, and hand counts are not only much less efficient, they are also less accurate. 
  • HB 2617: This bill would significantly modify the process by which county recorders cancel people’s voter registrations, increasing the potential for eligible voters to have their registrations canceled and be kicked off the rolls. 
  • HB 2241: This bill would require voters to show ID when dropping off early ballots – an unnecessary and time-consuming hurdle that would create extremely long lines at the polls. This legislation would also require those who drop off ballots for others to sign a statement saying they fit within one of the exceptions to the criminal ban on third-party ballot collection, and violation of that procedure could result in a felony. 
  • HB 2238: This bill would outlaw ballot drop boxes that do not have 24/7 surveillance. Based on yet another false conspiracy theory that drop boxes aren’t secure, this bill would reduce options for the vast majority of voters who cast their ballot before election day, AND make it more difficult and expensive for counties to serve their voters, especially for those in rural and tribal communities. 

The AZ GOP is doing everything they can to sow distrust in our secure elections. These Republican bills seek to disenfranchise, and potentially criminalize, voters in Arizona. Here’s what we can do to put a stop to this dangerous legislation: 


Right now, the best thing you can do is pick up the phone and leave a message for your legislators, urging them to oppose these bills.  

The ADP has put together a tool that will provide you with your legislators’ names and phone numbers, a brief script, and a quick form to report your calls: [ADP CALL TOOL] 


With a letter to the editor, you have the potential to reach hundreds or thousands of Arizonans, via the pages (print and/or web!) of your local paper. Letters to the Editor usually must be under 200 words, with the limit for some papers, such as the Tucson Daily Star, limiting at 160 words.  

Unsure where or how to submit? Email .  


Once again, our right to vote is under attack. This year Republicans in the Arizona state legislature have introduced over 100 bills to make it more difficult to exercise our right to vote. After the immense embarrassment and expense of last year’s Republican “audit” – which, as a reminder, produced zero credible evidence of voting irregularities or fraud – these same Republicans are hoping that we forget about all of that while they push dozens of harmful laws that could result in eligible voters kicked off of rolls and our votes not being counted.  

(Utilize the legislation talking points from page 1) 

Our votes count, and these attempts to chip away at our rights have gone too far. I hope readers will join me in contacting your state legislators and urging them to put a stop to this/these voter suppression bill/s. 


Social media can be a powerful tool for bringing your friends’ and family’s attention to these bills. Below are some sample posts you can use: 

Right now AZGOP legislators are trying to pass bills to make it harder for us to vote. Like #HB2289, which would take our elections back to the 1950s by eliminating the noexcuse early voting that AZ has had for decades. Call your legislators now and tell them to vote NO on HB2289! 

Why do AZ Republicans want to make it harder for us to vote? Call your Reps & Sen today and tell them to oppose #HB2241, which would require ID just to drop off a ballot, meaning even longer lines at the polls!  

The AZGOP wants you to forget all about their failed election (fr)audit while they push bills that would make it harder for us to vote. Tell your legislators to vote NO on 

#HB2617, which would increase the potential for eligible voters to have our registrations canceled and be kicked off the rolls.  

Right now Republicans in the AZ legislature are pushing bills to: 

  Make it harder for YOU to vote 

  Drive up the cost of our elections 

  Decrease trust in our government 

Call your legislators now and tell them to oppose voter suppression.  

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