Allen and Blackman Oppose Federal Help for Arizona

Coconino County is struggling in the face of plunging tax revenues and COVID-related expenses. The State of Arizona is facing severe revenue decreases due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent economic downturn. The Arizona Legislature’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee is projecting a $1.1 billion budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, give or take $500 million in either direction. 

States cannot run deficits but the federal government can. When the U.S. Government can borrow money at zero interest (and on some days recently less) and when we are in the midst of one of the worst crises in a century, now is the time to borrow and use the money to save our state and local governments and relieve the pain of our people.

Yet, GOP Senator Sylvia Allen and Representative Walt Blackman — both “representing” a large part of the Flagstaff and Williams areas from their homes in Snowflake, signed onto a right-wing ideological protest letter against federal aid to the states. This is consistent with their record in the legislature — placing right-wing lobbyist ideology over facts and the interests of their constituents. We have an election coming in November and they need to go.

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