Allen needs to be replaced in LD6

Sylvia Allen is my LD6 Senator in the Arizona legislature. She is the Chairman of the Education Committee. She made a statement on July 15 at an Arizona Republican Party event that our country would soon look like “South American countries” and implied that immigrants would eliminate freedom of religion and claimed that feminism and the decline of patriarchy were going to “destroy society” because not enough white women are having babies. I do not feel represented by such racist, misogynist views!

This is not the first time Senator Allen has made extreme remarks: in 2015 she said that she wanted to pass a bill making church attendance mandatory (so much for freedom of religion!)

Someone with such extreme views should not be in charge of serving Arizona’s diverse student population! Nor should she represent Arizona’s diversity in our state legislature.

We need to replace her with someone who will stop the extremist rhetoric and focus on the issues that matter most to northern Arizona, including funding our public schools, keeping healthcare affordable and ensuring clean air and clean water. Felicia French is my choice!



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