Another Cruelty by Ducey and Repugs in the Legislature

Thanks to Flagstaff resident Lex Heerding for “telling it like it is” regarding funding for services to vulnerable adults. This is one more area where Republicans in control of our state government have neglected the public good and demonstrated that their values don’t match what’s right for Arizona:

This letter is on response to the article that the Department of Economic Security (DES) is strengthening their policies to investigate more cases of abuse and neglect against vulnerable adults.

I work for an agency that provides services to this population and we are by far one of the best, if not the best, in the state for providing excellent services to this population. Unfortunately, because of the severe underfunding, we and all providers in the state have been stretched thin. This does cause issues with quality of care, as programs have been cut and quality of life for the population we serve suffers.

If the Director, Michael Trailer, is serious about the population, he will do everything possible to increase our funding. Better funding means better services! I would also like to point out it is the agencies that provide services who are ultimately responsible for the quality of care. DES sets the rules but most agencies have stronger and better rules/policies than required.

We are in this field because we care and want to do the right thing. Money would better be used in reimbursing the providers for the funding cuts in the state budget for the past 10 years that were not restored.



Source: Fund services to vulnerable adults

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