Another Test for Sylvia Allen

A bill making its way through the Arizona legislature threatens to disrupt college and university campuses. HB2563 supposedly protects free speech on college campuses, but actually, it’s something else entirely. The legislation is written by the Goldwater Institute and is being introduced in statehouses around the US (with Koch money more than likely).

If it becomes law, the bill would require public universities to remain “neutral” on political issues, prevent them from disinviting speakers, and impose penalties for students and others who interfere with these speakers. Any one student would be allowed to invite any speaker they wished, even if student government or faculty opposed the invitation to campus.

This comes as white supremacists work to bring their message to various public universities, citing a constitutional right to free speech. The effect of the law would be to force college leaders to allow hate speech on campus, as well as forcing them to provide (and pay for) security in an attempt to prevent violent clashes.

This passed the Arizona House and has been assigned to Senate Education Committee, headed by our very own State Senator Sylvia Allen.  Tell her and the rest of the committee that you oppose the bill.

Sylvia Allen (602) 926-5409
David Bradley (602) 926-5262
Kate Brophy McGee Room 302 (602) 926-4486
Rick Gray (602) 926-5413
Catherine Miranda (602) 926-4893
Steve Smith (602) 926-5685
Kimberly Yee (602) 926-3024

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