Appalled by coyote calling contest

As a lover of wildlife and the natural world, I was dismayed to read in Sunday’s paper (02/10/19) about an event planned in this community as highlighted in Letters to the Editor.

As per Sally Evans’ article she had seen a flyer advertising a “coyote calling contest” to be held out by Leupp Road in early March. This event is to call in coyotes, foxes and bobcats, and then shoot as many as possible. I am sickened to think that anyone could think this type of killing is a “sport.” My thanks to Sally Evans stating there is “no place in Flagstaff for killing for joy.” I am appreciative this was brought to the public’s attention.

I am appalled by the thought that there are those who think this is entertainment. I am not against hunting, but only when the animal is used for food and there is humane treatment with the hunt. What is planned is a senseless blood slaughter! To anyone who shares this opinion, please contact your city council and Coconino Board of Supervisors. Ask them to pass a proclamation opposing wildlife killing contests.


AZ Daily Sun February 18, 2019

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