Arizona Senators should support “For the People Act”

  • Sep 8, 2019

Our democratic government and society depend upon the integrity of our elections. I believe that all of us, regardless of political party, desire the continued ability to participate in, and trust the results of, our open elections. Yet many states have failed to take steps to assure the security of ballots, and other opportunities to strengthen election processes are being ignored.

In March of this year the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “For the People Act” with many provisions to expand eligible voter registration, voter participation, and ballot security. Also in March the same bill (S949) was introduced in the Senate; however, the legislation has never been heard or voted upon. The Senate has also refused to hear several bills that would fund states to improve the security of their elections. Most recently, the Federal Election Commission (charged with safeguarding election security) has become completely dysfunctional due to resignations and lack of new appointments – it can’t even meet quorum so cannot take any official actions.

Please join me in urging our Arizona Senators to take action to secure the basis of our democracy. Ask Senators McSally and Sinema to co-sponsor S 949 and to push to have it brought to the floor for debate and vote. Ask them to support funding for states to improve the security of their ballots. And urge them to do everything possible to restore the Federal Election Commission to full working composition.



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