Arizona voting doesn’t need to be more difficult

Voting in Arizona has been one of the most pleasurable and easy experiences of my life. We also haven’t had any issues with corruption of votes or voter fraud until this last election, it seems. Because the people voted for a politician others in the government didn’t like, suddenly we supposedly have a crisis of epic proportions ruining the sanctity of voting here.

We don’t need more laws restricting voting. We don’t need to make it more difficult to vote. We don’t need to require voter ID for early voting. If there’s no proof of major corruption and fraud, there’s no need to impose these new laws to make things difficult for the average person. I’ve seen how our government is lately, and I haven’t been pleased with it. The government shutdown over a wall, and now this in my home state because the Republicans didn’t win as many offices as they wanted to?

Republicans are making the American government look like a sham and they should be ashamed of themselves. That they’ve chosen to make an outcry about this and put laws in place shows they only care about losing, not about keeping our freedom safe. We’re all Arizona citizens, and if the Republicans want our vote, they should listen to our concerns instead of making it harder for us to vote against them.


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