Article VII of ADP By-Laws: Amendment Proposals

Update 9/21/19: We were able to reach a good compromise on this proposed amendment. The 2% requirement was deleted. The four-county requirement was adopted.

The By-Laws Committee of the Arizona Democratic Party will be proposing an Amendment to Article VII of the State Committee By-Laws on Saturday, September 21. The proposal is here.

If the proposed Amendment comes to the floor at the State Committee Meeting in its present form, our County Chair will move to amend the motion to adopt the Amendment as follows:

Amendment Title:

Strike Article VII, Section 1, paragraph C, subparagraph b.

Rationale and Suggestions:

  1. This subparagraph of the eligibility requirement puts the onus on minority caucuses to solve ADP’s diversity problem.  
  2. It creates a situation where minority caucuses are responsible for a mechanism which is essentially out of their control (i.e. the election or appointment of State Committee Members which occurs at the County and LD level).
  3. The existence of minority caucuses promotes the recruitment of minorities.  
  4. Already, the Executive Board has anticipated that some minority caucuses will require an “Interim Modification,” which is contained in the Policies and Procedures adopted on August 13, 2019.  We shouldn’t be writing into the bylaws requirements that currently cannot be met. 
  5. Requirements for minority caucuses should be reasonable (i.e. current caucuses should be able to meet the new requirements without special exceptions).
  6. Including subparagraph “b.” in the By-Laws will restrict the freedom of the Executive Board to act to extend the interim modification if necessary and may, in fact, immediately invalidate the interim modification. 
  7. Minority caucuses need more support from the ADP rather than more hurdles.
  8. The ADP should consider other avenues to address diversity in the State Committee – perhaps an affirmative action plan for the State Committee Member Election process.  Or, developing an ADP support fund for travel/lodging expenses for State Committee meetings for minority members.

Therefore, we propose the following Amendment to the Proposed Amendment to the By-Laws:

Article VII, Section 1, Paragraph C: 

b. Represent a constituency that comprises a minimum of two percent (2%) of the State Committee membership and at least one (1) State Committee Member in at least four (4) different counties.

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