“Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You, But What You Can Do for Your Country.”

On the 56th anniversary of President Kennedy’s death, we are in an equally somber moment in American history; so, it seems appropriate to recall these words from his Inaugural Address. 

And, what can we do? 

1) We can tell our leaders to speak out on our behalf. That’s a quick call or email.  There are 535 people in Congress, only three of whom represent you. 

2)  We can become leaders ourselves. There are millions of us.

We’ll talk more about #2 at our December 14 County Action Meeting, but this weekend can be a turning point, so I wanted to write a few words in a Call to Action.

What’s an “Opinion Leader?”

In 1957, two guys named Katz & Lazarsfeld introduced the concept of “Opinion Leaders.” It was based on prior work by some famous sociologists. The fundamental concept, which has been applied more in selling products than in politics, is the “two-step flow of communication.” 

Opinion leadership is leadership by an active media user who interprets the meaning of media messages or content for lower-end media users. Or,  merely endorses the messages by adopting them.

How Can I Be An Opinion Leader This Weekend?

You can probably think of lots of ways in which you can be an opinion leader, but for this weekend’s Call to Action here are a few tips. And, please don’t run away when I say “social media”  I’ll be giving you statistics to prove this at the Dec. 12 meeting, but for now please just trust me that 70% of adults are getting at least some of their news from social media. Social media is much more important than expensive television ads these days. That’s good news for Democrats — if people like you will participate. If not, the platform is abandoned to Russian bots and GOP  trolls. 

10 minutes a day. That’s all I’m asking. And, regarding those bots and trolls: Ignore them. Our voices can overpower them.

Even if you have fewer than 10 friends, you can make an impact by devoting just a few minutes a day. Here’s how:

Ignore your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed. Sign in and go straight to the search bar. It’s similar on Facebook.

Search for as many of these as you have time for (we’ll give you a larger list at our next meeting, but for this weekend’s emergency, use these):

On Facebook:
DNC War Room


Search for one at a time. Then, scroll the results, find something that resonates for you — an expression of something YOU’D like other people to hear. Then, share it and like it if on Facebook  When on Twitter, retweet it and like it. (Don’t know what “retweet” means? — watch that short video above.). For advanced opinion leaders:  Retweet or share with your own commentary. Use the hashtags of the original user. Also, use #DemCast so other users will pick up the theme and keep spreading the word.

If you think this doesn’t matter, think again. The Republicans and the Russians will be spending their weekend at it. Give your country 10 minutes. Then go canvass and give some more.

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