Bad Bills the Arizona House May Come Back to Pass

The Arizona Legislature recessed in March due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Senate came back on May 8 to adjourn sine die (which means, they really wanted to adjourn for the year), but since the House did not adjourn, then legally the Senate really did not either.  Now, the House Rules Committee has decided to convene in person tomorrow, Monday, May 18, with the full House returning for committee hearings and potentially passing legislation on Tuesday.

Apparently, Republicans intend to consider bills already passed by the Senate and a new bill to protect businesses from COVID-related liabilities.  The proposed bill would overturn centuries of liability law to protect businesses from negligent practices.

These Senate bills awaiting House passage illustrate why we need to turn the legislature Blue in November. Remember: Capturing LD-6 for Democrats is key to the success of that effort. We won’t even ask you to call our LD-6 legislators to oppose these bills because Republicans Sylvia Allen, Bob Thorpe, and Walt Blackman are going to vote the right-wing radical agenda on them. If they pass (and many will in the Republican-controlled House), email or call (602.542.4331) Governor Ducey and ask for a veto.

Bills that the Senate has passed that will go directly to the Governor when the House passes them:

  • SB1032 – would severely limit ability of county recorders to “cure” a ballot where the voter did not sign the envelope.
  • SCR1018 – would refer to the voters a proposal that no legislative district could be more than 5000 persons larger than any other.  This would splinter the Navajo nation.
  • SB1020 – would put a “warning” on citizen initiatives about how hard it is to undo one later; intended to discourage voting for citizen initiatives.
  • SB1434 – would make restrictions on citizen initiatives and petitions more stringent making it easier to disqualify voters who signed.
  • SB1671 and SCR1003 would reduce taxes.  NOT what is needed right now!
  • SB1357 – would require teachers to show ALL material including all supplemental material on line for parental review before the school term begins.
  • SCR1029 – resolution to support abortion survivor bill at federal level.

Learn more about these bills here.

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