Be A PC!

The most constructive way you can change politics is to become a Precinct Committeeperson (PC) in the Democratic Party.  PCs are the grassroots of the party.

We are currently engaged in the biannual activity of PC recruitment. The Coconino County Democratic Party is entitled to 383 precinct committee members, and we have been running at only a little over 200. About 30 of those PCs are Native Americans, our goal is to double that number this year with additions year after year to reflect the demographics of Coconino County. We also want younger people who are ready to mature into future leaders of our party.

Why should anyone be a PC? That question is something like, why should I bother to vote? One vote won’t matter that much, why should I bother? But, collectively, votes matter very much.

People who are unfamiliar with party politics don’t know that the office of PC is created by state law, which gives PCs power to govern the political party to which they belong. PCs are the lowest-ranking party officers. While the individual position holds little power, collectively, they help decide whether U.S. senators get censured or whether the party backs or opposes legislation.

PCs elect leadership for their county parties and one has to be a PC to hold a party office at any level. PCs elect State Committee Members – a county gets one SCM for every PC – and those SCMs elect the officers of the state party — and the delegates to the Democratic National Committee. PCs also have the heavy responsibility for nominating people to replace any legislator who leaves office during the legislators’ term.

Call our office to arrange a private meeting or phone call with one of our leaders to learn about becoming a PC. 928-214-0393.

“The most important job I ever held was Precinct Captain,”~ President Harry S. Truman

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