Bob Thorpe in the News

March 16, 2017

We need to say “Bye, Bye, Bob” in 2018. This LD-6 Representative is an embarrassment. In one day, we’ve got two reports that prove it.

First, in it’s lead story for the day, the Arizona Daily Sun reports that Bob Thorpe claims to be coming out of hiding to hold a radio talk show “townhall.” Of course, he’s appearing on the right-wing radio program of his old buddy Jeff Orvitz (who may have political ambitions of his own). And, Representative Bob has been there before. It’s a safe space for him where he knows Jeff will cut off any callers who ask pointed questions. Just like Bob refuses phone calls from reporters who ask pointed questions. 

Also today, the Republican Speaker of the Arizona House condemned Thorpe’s conduct toward a colleague in the House, saying Thorpe’s actions toward the female legislature were “unacceptable under any circumstances.” Thorpe was forced to apologize openly on the House floor. AZ Republic article.  The Arizona Capital Times reports that Thorp’s conduct appears to be part of a pattern of sexism in the House.

These are only the latest in an embarrassing and dangerous parade of antics by Representative Bob Thorpe, whose favorite author of bills is ALEC.

Asked on a radio call-in show about his sponsorship of a bill to disenfranchise students (a tactic that was held unconstitutional in the courts decades ago), Thorpe refused to back down. He also repeatedly misrepresented the impact of student voting in Flagstaff elections. Likewise, Thorpe continued to justify sponsorship of bills that would undermine the Arizona Constitution’s citizen initiative provision. He also blamed the voter’s approval of a minimum wage increase for the state’s lack of money to buy body cameras for law enforcement. Arizona Daily Sun, March 18, 2017.

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