Building the Wave

Our Monthly Action Meeting on Saturday, October 5, challenged our PCs to put to work the training we’ve received over the last few months. Each region broke into groups and began to make plans specific for their regions which will implement our overall Strategic Plan for the time leading up to the Presidential Preference Election and also establish neighborhood assignments leading toward the General Election on November 3.

Additional meetings will be at the regional level, with Regional Captains and PC Leaders talking directly with each PC and volunteer and cutting turfs for canvassing.

We’ve completed our festival schedule for the year and will start tabling again in April. We’ve had great success with voter registration and getting signatures for the Outlaw Dirty Money Petition at all the tabling events we attended this year. Keep an eye out for the announcement of our 2020 Kickoff early next year where candidates will table to get signatures for their nominating petitions and talk with activists.

It’s still warm in parts of Coconino County and this weekend our Navajo Voter Committee, led by our resident Navajo Coordinator, will be working the Western Navajo Fair and Parade, starting Thursday. Check our calendar for the days and times of specific activities. Our Tuba City Democrats now also have their own Facebook Page.

Our Latinx Voter Committee has its first community meeting scheduled on October 15 at Killup School. Thanks to Dennis Chavez for taking on the task of leading this group, which also has its own Facebook Page.

Meanwhile, our fantastic group of Fall interns is leading canvasses on the NAU Campus and in targeted neighborhoods every Friday. (They call them “Campus Craze Fridays.”) Plus, they organize phone banks every Tuesday evening. Come out to experience the enthusiasm of these young organizers — check the calendar for times of their events and join in!

Our County Party leaders are working closely with the Arizona Democratic Party and the other three counties that makeup Legislative District 6 to create a coordinated and unprecedented effort to win this Republican-held district. Our efforts touch on training, canvassing, and messaging to achieve the win.

When the 2020 Get Out the Vote effort begins in September next year, we will have trained scores of canvassers, registered hundreds of voters, and talked with thousands about the importance of voting not only to unseat Trump but to flip LD-6, take the U.S. Senate, and hold the House. The work we are doing now guarantees that 2020 will put Arizona on the map as a big contributor to the next Blue Wave.

None of this work comes cheap. Most of our people are volunteers, but we do have one part-time staff member (and dream of adding a second for 2020), we do pay our interns, we do subsidize some expenses for work in our historically underserved areas, and we need to print A LOT of canvassing material. So, please help. Donate now!

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