By the People Fund

$200 million.

That’s what Republican-aligned special interests have pledged to spend on the 2010 election. Just to put that in context, that’s nearly $40 million more than every interest group spent on the 2008 presidential election — combined.

When our administration and this movement decided to take on the special interests, we knew we were making a choice. And the consequences are clear. These groups have fought us at every turn in our struggle for change, and now they’re trying to drown out our voices — and our accomplishments — with their campaign cash this fall.

We’re not going to sit back and let that happen. Today, Organizing for America is announcing the By the People Fund with the goal of getting 3 million citizen donations to fuel our grassroots campaign for the upcoming election.

Please donate $5 today and help us take back this election from the corporate interests.

With our By the People Fund, we’re going to make a statement this fall — strengthening our grassroots efforts on the ground, focusing on getting first-time voters from 2008 back to the polls this year, and holding the Republicans and their special-interest allies accountable.

We’ve all gone to the mat with these folks time and again — ever since Barack and I took office. And, from the Recovery Act to historic health reform to Wall Street reform, you helped prove we could win those fights.

Now these groups have one goal in mind when it comes to November 2nd — erasing the progress we’ve made together.

By spending an unprecedented amount of cash to support Republicans, they’re doing their best to buy their way back into power. And, if they do, they’ve been clear that they will do everything they can to undo the historic achievements we’ve fought so hard to win.

It’s no wonder that each and every Republican in the Senate on Tuesday voted to allow these special interests to have a greater say in our elections. Their vote will allow these groups to spend millions on campaign ads — and not have to reveal who’s actually behind them.

I’ve been in politics a long time. I’m used to seeing the good guys outspent by interest groups. But we’ve never been outnumbered — and we’ve never been outhustled.

I’m asking you to make sure it stays that way. Will you chip in and help us grow our By the People Fund?

Please donate $5 or more today:

Thank you,

Vice President Joe Biden

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