Call, Email, Fax: Trump Must Go

Trump is a danger to the country. He has shown that he has no understanding of important aspects of his job and he is reckless with classified information. Even conservative columnists are calling him a “child” whose brain works like “six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar,” and who should be removed by the exercise of the 25th Amendment.

Last night, Senator John McCain said, “We’ve seen this movie before. It’s reachingWatergate size and scale….This is not good for the country.”

Call on our Senators to put country before party and remove Trump now, via impeachment, 25th Amendment, or prosecution.

Send a message to Congressman O’Halleran thanking him for his statement of support in an independent investigation. Tell him it’s time to do more.

For good measure, as one of our allied groups said this morning, call these two:

Mitch McConnell

Paul Ryan

You can also use Resistbot to send faxes for free to our representatives. Text 504-09 to get started.

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