Carlisle the right choice for senator in LD6

Sylvia Allen’s official candidate statement says “On education, I have served as chairman of the Senate Education Committee, passed legislation in support of teachers, children and administrators. Voted for the the teacher salary increase and more funding for the schools.”

Sylvia Allen is not a friend of education. She has consistently opposed higher salaries for teachers and supports expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Accounts which would take away even more funding for public schools. Before she actually voted on teacher salaries, she told me in an email that teachers should stop complaining and be “grateful for what is given”.

This woman can be defeated in November. In 2016 she was soundly defeated in Coconino County and narrowly lost in Yavapai County. She won the election by less than 2000 votes, carrying her home county of Navajo and also Gila County.

I support Wade Carlisle for senator in LD6. Unlike Senator Allen, Wade is educated and understands education. In addition to being the vice-mayor of Holbrook, he is a substitute school teacher. His wife is a public school teacher. What a refreshing change it would be to have a senator who relates to the issues of public education.


Source: Carlisle the right choice for senator in LD6

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