City caves to another student housing development

With the approval of the latest mega-student housing development at the old Jeld-Wen industrial site on Butler Avenue, the city of Flagstaff (Planning and Zoning Commission) has once again capitulated to outside (Texas) developers whose fabulous profits for projects such as The Hub, The Standard, and now this monstrosity on Butler Avenue continue to degrade traffic, housing affordability and livability in Flagstaff.

The driver forcing this radical development is the huge increase in the enrollment of Northern Arizona University, dictated by the Arizona Board of Regents. This misguided and radical growth is not wanted nor is it needed by the larger Flagstaff community.

When is NAU going to realize that it exists in the Flagstaff community, not apart from it? NAU must engage with our larger community to be a partner, not just an institution which feeds off of our community’s goodwill.

JAMES E. BABBITT from AZ Daily Sun January 24, 2019

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