Commending calls for assault rifle ban

I must commend Jeff Goulden and Alan and Daisy Cartwright for their letters published in the Sun on Aug. 18.

Both letters make a perfect case to ban assault weapons. These are military weapons and should not be available to the public. Even Scalia recognized that Second Amendment gun rights are not unlimited. During the ban imposed on these weapons from 1994-2004, gun deaths went down. Now, of course, gun deaths are up because the ban no longer exists. We are in a public health crisis of widespread gun violence due to the availability of these weapons (and high capacity magazines).

If we all don’t become aware of numerous loopholes in our present gun legislation, the daily deaths by firearms and mass shootings will continue. As a longtime activist for gun safety, I am proud of people like Jeff, Alan and Daisy who recognize this crisis. They are not afraid to speak up and stand up for for a safe country. We must all confront powerful forces who care more for profit than the American people.


Save Our Children from Gun Violence

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