Corporation Commission: Vote for ALL THREE Democrats: Mundell, Stanfield, and Tovar

This year, we have the opportunity to elect three outstanding Democratic candidates to the Arizona Corporation Commission (AZCC): Bill Mundell, Shea Stanfield, and Anna Tovar, our intrepid Solar Team.

Bill Mundell describes AZCC as “the most powerful entity in Arizona state government that no one knows about.” Since we have a chance to FLIP THREE AZCC SEATS, now is a great time to learn more about this powerful government entity and the candidates who are running for its three available positions.


Article 15 of the Arizona Constitution establishes AZCC. Arizona is one of only 7 states with a constitutionally-established corporation commission, and one of only 13 states with elected commissioners. In 2000, Arizona voters approved expanding AZCC from three to five commissioners, and also changed the term of office to a four-year term with the possibility of election to one additional consecutive four-year term.

AZCC can be considered a fourth branch of state government – it is unique not only because it is independent from the governor, but also because it has a full complement of executive, legislative, and regulatory powers.

Its mission and scope of activities extend far beyond those relating to establishing corporations and organizations to include regulating electric, gas, water, and sewer utilities; telephone, wireless telephone, and Internet service providers; 911 emergency telephone call services; and pipeline and railroad safety; as well as setting the state’s renewable energy standard and energy efficiency rules; registering securities sold in the financial markets; registering trademarks and trade names; and approving utility rates.

In short, AZCC plays an essential role in protecting the public health, safety, and welfare, as well as consumer pocketbooks.

Our Candidates – Vote for ALL THREE

Of the five AZCC positions, only one is held by a Democrat, Sandra Kennedy. The addition of three Democrats would change the balance of power on the commission and usher in critical reforms that would restore accountability and public trust in its work, protect ratepayers, advance pubic health and safety, and lay the groundwork for a sustainable economy, mitigating climate change impacts by strengthening renewable energy and energy efficiency standards.

Bill Mundell

Bill’s platform includes fighting corruption, protecting ratepayers, and increasing investments in solar and renewable energy, policies that will protect the environment and lay the foundation for a sustainable economy.  Bill previously served on AZCC from 1900 to 2008. During his term in office, Arizona became one of the first states to require utilities to generate a percentage of their electricity from renewable energy sources.

Bill’s website:

Bill’s Facebook Page: @BillMundellAZCorpCom

Bill recently joined Dave Zorn to discuss the Corporation Commission race. Listen here:

Shea Stanfield

Shea believes that Arizonans deserve elected officials who are committed to a sustainable clean energy future. She is committed to engaging in decisions supporting renewable energy solutions, attracting sustainable businesses, and developing a healthy and economically thriving environment by fighting corruption.

Shea will bring considerable experience from a long career in teaching, education, and public service to the table. She has served on the Cave Creek Town Council, Board of Adjustment, and Planning and Zoning Commission, as well as on a variety of educational and environmental boards.

Shea’s website:

Shea’s Facebook Page: @SheaStanfieldaz

Anna Tovar

As a commissioner, Anna will expand renewable energy, put utility ratepayer interests first while also ensuring that utilities are able to maintain and expand their infrastructure to serve consumer needs, and work to restore to AZCC trust and accountability.

Anna will bring an extraordinary record of public service to AZCC. Beginning as a schoolteacher with the Tolleson Elementary School District, she went on to serve on the Tolleson City Council and as its Vice Mayor and Mayor. She was then elected to the Arizona House of Representatives and later to the Senate.

Anna’s website:

Anna’s Facebook Page: @annatovaraz

Remember: AZCC – VOTE 3 – FLIP 3!!!

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