Criteria for District 2 Supervisor

The leadership of our LatinX Voter Committee has submitted the following letter to the County Board of Supervisors:

The Latinx Voter Committee of the Coconino County Democratic Party, as advocates for substantive and descriptive representation for Latinx residents of Coconino County, write to suggest a set of criteria for the Board of Supervisors to use as they consider applicants to replace former Supervisor Liz Archuleta as interim Supervisor of District 2 until the November 2022 General Election.

First, we congratulate Ms. Archuleta for her decades of service to District 2 and to the county in general. Her leadership has provided her constituents with meaningful opportunities and benefits as residents of a traditionally underrepresented group in Coconino. We know Ms. Archuleta will continue to serve her community with great competence. We all benefit from her leadership. We wish Ms. Archuleta luck and extend our recognition and gratitude for her years of service.

As members of the Latinx Voter Committee, we seek to advocate for an important constituency of Coconino County and of the Democratic Party.  District 2 of Coconino County makes up the largest number and percent of Latinx in the county, with 6,350 total residents of Hispanic background, making up 20% of District 2 residents.

The criteria we feel are important in the representation of District 2 would not preclude someone who is not Latino from being chosen for the interim position, but we feel the board should give substantial weight in favor of any Latino candidates. In addition, we would look for:

  • A record of participation within and for the Democratic Party;
  • A history of support and activism for the values of the Democratic Party, including voting rights, equality of treatment under the law and of opportunity in our economy, support for the public school system, support for women’s and minority rights, support for workers’ rights and the minimum wage, defense of the environment and public lands;
  • a history of civic participation that advocates for residents of District 2 and the Latinx community;
  • a record of activities seeking positions in which they would be accountable to residents of District 2;
  • demonstrable history of respect and advocacy for diversity; 
  • and experience with representation, budgeting, administration, and government affairs.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Nuño Perez and Aubrey Sonderegger
On behalf of the Leadership of the LatinX Voter Committee of the Coconino County Democratic Party and as residents of District 2

Approved by Ann Heitland, Chair of Coconino County Democratic Party

To read about the process for selection and the applicants, visit the County website.

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