Current voting system beneficial

I believe that all citizens need ready access to vote. Our early voting process is one area in which our state is more advanced than other states — it’s one of the aspects of our state that makes me proud.

I was not proud when in multiple elections over the last few years there were extremely long lines at our polling areas, particularly in/near Phoenix. I am not at all concerned if votes take a few days, or even weeks, to be properly verified and counted. I would be far more concerned if people who are used to voting early are no longer allowed to drop ballots off on election day, or if the deadline to mail ballots were moved back.

I think the current system is good and if anything we should be increasing early in-person voting and not making early/mail-in ballots any more difficult. Similarly, because I believe all citizens should be allowed and encouraged to vote, I am not in favor of any bill that increases the burdens on our people to vote. We don’t need to add any voter ID rules to those we already have.


Arizona Daily Sun – February 10, 2019

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