Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport – Vote!

This letter was published in our Flagstaff newspaper on August 21. Remember to vote August 28 and November 6.

Democracy is not a spectator sport! Our system of government was established for, by and of the people. It depends on citizens exercising their right to cast an informed vote.

When people throw away their right to participate in their own government or simply vote the way others tell them they should without researching the issues and people running, they denounce their responsibility as an American.

In the 2014 election in Arizona, only 75 percent of the Voting Age Population Census were registered. A total of 25 percent of eligible voters didn’t even bother to register! Of the registered voters, only 36 percent stepped up to vote. Shockingly, that means over 60 percent of registered voters didn’t even bother!

The remaining small amount of voters determine policy and elect officials for the rest of Arizona. Is this democracy? Not to me it isn’t! If you’re one of those who didn’t vote and you’re content with the resulting policies and leadership, then continue to let others decide your future without your input. If you’re not happy with the way things are, exercise your voice! Do your civic duty and cast your informed and reasoned vote. Vote August 28th and November 6th! Otherwise, this quote will prevail…“Democracies die from indifference and neglect”.


Source: Arizona Daily Sun, Letters

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