Democratic AGs Stop Trump’s Title X Gag Rule

Democratic AGs across the country fought back and filed lawsuits against Trump’s extremist Title X “gag rule”, which restricts access to women’s health care and undermines funding for family planning programs.

First, a federal judge in Washington state issued a NATIONWIDE preliminary injunction that blocked this rule from going into effect on May 3. Then, a second federal judge in California issued another preliminary injunction. Late last week, a third federal judge in Oregon issued an injunction. These are major steps toward protecting Planned Parenthood and access to abortion for good.

It’s just the latest example of Democratic AGs leading the fight against Trump – and winning. And, it’s a demonstration of the importance of maintaining an independent judiciary.

Democratic AGs are stopping Trump’s attacks on our rights, but their success has made them a target. Dark money and special interest groups will spend millions to defeat them and elect Republicans who support Trump. We need to continue the fight against dark money by getting the Outlaw Dirty Money ballot proposition on the ballot in 2020. And, we need to replace AZ’s Republican AG with a Democrat!

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