Democrats Act in AZ Legislature

Last week, 18 Democratic-led bills were heard and fifteen passed out of committee, a majority with unanimous support. (That’s an 83% success rate.) These bills highlight how Democrats continue to fight for all Arizonans:

  • Medical treatment for veterans (Rep. Espinoza HCM2001: deported veterans; medical treatment)
  • Financial relief for college students (Sen. Navarrete SB1373: appropriation; Maricopa community college district)
  • Increasing accessibility for the disability community (Rep. Longdon HB2558: statewide ADA coordinator; appropriation)
  • Inform and equip first responders (Rep. Gabaldon HB2532: critical health information; emergency responders)
  • Support for families and children (Sen. Alston SB1391: kinship foster care stipend)

Once again, Democrats are leading the effort to have Arizona ratify the Equal Rights Amendment – a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution designed to guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. But the Republican leadership will not even allow a vote. This year that effort is headed up by our Senator Victoria Steele. Watch the video below and contact your senator to urge their support of ratifying the ERA.

It’s easy to see that Democrats are working on issues and introducing bills that truly represent Arizona’s values, not personal self-interest.

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