Don’t Be Perturbed By Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake, John Kasich, Meg Whitman, Colin Powell, James Comey, and whatever Republicans may join their parade don’t agree with Biden’s policies. They are endorsing him because they believe that Trump is a clear and present danger to our Constitutional survival. They won’t be around when Democrats form up for the 2022 election, they will be trying to rebuild the Republican Party. Between now and then they will be fighting Democratic legislation. Biden knows that – you should, too. Their support isn’t coming with any promise of quid pro quo. They are simply trying to dump the rot out of their own party.

Here’s Neera’s Twitter profile: “President of @amprog-Center for American Progress, liberal, Indian American, feminist, mom, wife. Not in that order. Views expressed are most definitely my own.”

Historian Heather Cox Richardson had this to say on the movement among Republicans:

Today more than two dozen Republican former members of Congress endorsed Biden. The former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security in the Trump administration, Miles Taylor, and Elizabeth Neumann, another former senior DHS official, today announced they are organizing the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (REPAIR) to pull together current and former administration officials who oppose Trump. They claim to have at least two current senior officials on board.

Former chair of the RNC Michael Steele joined the anti-Trump Lincoln Project today. “Today is the day where things should matter and you need to take stock of what matters to you — and the kind of leader you want to lead in these moments. And for me, it ain’t him,” Steele said.

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