Don’t Delete Facebook!

Please do not close your Facebook accounts because Facebook, according to news reports, is complicit in the information warfare conducted during the 2016 election. And, PLEASE SHARE this post. Why?

(1) Facebook is a major utility in use by the good guys, including us, to get important messages out not only to you but to those who are not regularly engaged in politics. YOU are an important element in that work. Whenever you share or like one of our posts, you help educate and inform others.

(2) Yes, Facebook should be audited and regulated like the utility that it is. But it should not be shut down. It’s too valuable.  That would be like shutting down broadcast TV in the ’50s. Let the investigation and legal process work. Elect Democrats who believe in regulation.

(3) Asking us to leave Facebook could well be the next step in the information war. If we stop using Facebook, we leave the battlefield to the other side. Instead, stay and resolve to be more, not less, active in spreading positive messages.


Read more about the investigations already underway.

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