Downtown parking poor system for physically challenged

I am an Alaskan who has been visiting Flagstaff for over 40 years. In my recent experience with your parking kiosks on South San Francisco Street, I found the system to be very unfriendly and may even discourage business.

Without individual meters, a visitor could think parking is still free as it used to be. An elderly or disabled person would have a difficult time making their way down the street to a kiosk only to find they need to know their license number and the machine only takes credit cards. Standing in the recent sleet, reading the instructions was also very unpleasant.

All in all, a poor system for anyone physically challenged. And I can’t help but wonder where the small business owners and their employees park while trying to earn a living? All these negatives for $1 an hour revenue. Can it be assumed there is worthwhile revenue being made in parking violations?


Arizona Daily Sun – February 10, 2019

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