Ducey’s Own Judges Go “Rogue”

When the lower court struck down Ducey’s anti-mask mandate, Ducey said this was just one rogue judge. Today, the Arizona Supreme Court, packed with Ducey appointees, affirmed that judge’s ruling. Also included were several very bad election laws that had been stuck into the budget bill (unconstitutionally).

The budget bills would have, stripped Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of her authority to defend election laws in court and transferred that authority to Republican Attorney General Bnrovich — but only for the 2022 Election.

Other laws struck down barred school districts and charter schools from imposing face mask requirements to curb the spread of COVID-19, prohibited the teaching of “critical race theory” in K-12 schools, barred colleges and universities from requiring COVID vaccines or testing of students, and prohibited cities and counties from requiring people to show “vaccine passports.”

The Supreme Court said nope to it all, with a detailed opinion to follow.

Read: Supreme Court unanimously strikes down mask mandate, ‘critical race theory’ bans

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