Voting Made Easy!

We’re trying to make voting as easy as possible. Here are a few helpful things to know:

If you still have your mail-in ballot, don’t put it in the mail. There are options for depositing it in official elections drop boxes instead of mailboxes, or you can take it to any voting location on Tuesday, Election Day.

Here are all the details about when and where to vote and where those drop boxes are.

Taking children with you to vote is great for them — you show them the importance of voting and how to carry out this civic duty. But that’s not for everyone. The Flagstaff YMCA has stepped up to offer free childcare on Election Day for up to a four hour period to allow you to vote. Call: 928-556-9622 to make the arrangements.

Need a ride to the polls? Lyft in Flagstaff is offering discounted rates for voters. Also, we’ve got volunteers ready to take you, but please call ASAP to make a reservation: 928-421-3439.

Speed your time at the polls by downloading and taking our Sample Ballot.

Can’t vote Tuesday? How about Monday? Emergency voting is available on Monday at 110 E. Cherry and the Flagstaff Mall (next to J.C. Penny’s).


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