Election Denier Alert

There are over hundreds of candidates across the country who are election deniers. These are people who are so power-hungry that despite the clear evidence Biden won, they cling to the lies told by Trump. These are people who don’t care about a future where we progress towards a more perfect, more inclusive democracy. They refuse to denounce violent threats against election workers and voters. We must do everything we can to defeat them.

In Arizona, there are at least 12 of these dangerous Republicans on the ballot. Coconino County voters can vote against five of them: Blake Masters (vs Kelly), Eli Crane (vs O’Halleran), Kari Lake (vs Hobbs), Mark Finchem (vs Fontes), and Hamadeh (vs Maye).

If these Republicans win, we won’t have a free or fair election in Arizona in 2024.

See a list of election deniers on the ballot compiled by the Washington Post.

Learn more about the Arizona candidates and contrast the with our Democratic nominees.

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