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Call of the Wild Mural

October 12, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

A powerful traveling collaborative Public Art Installation, advocating for wolves, wildlife and the Endangered Species Act has finally made its way to Flagstaff.  The community is invited to add their voice to the groundbreaking Call of the Wild Mural from 12-6pm on Saturday, October 12.   Launched in 2018 in Sedona, this fun filled event will take place in downtown Flagstaff at Heritage Square. As it travels across both the state of Arizona and the United States the Call of the Wild Mural’s ultimate destination is the National Mall of the Nation’s Capital. To date children as young as three to people in their 90’s have added their voice to the project.  

“We are excited to be driving and curating a collaborative public art installation in the tradition of The Aids Quilt and the International Children’s Peace Mural Project Kids Guernica.” Says Plan B Co-Founder Betsy Klein,  “Art has the power to open hearts and minds, creating space for  new understanding and vision.”

The afternoon event includes “Teatro del Lobo Mexicano”  a fun and interactive puppet show about Mexican wolves and a number of other animals that a young wolf meets with in the ecosystem presented by the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, face painting and a performance from Verde Valley favorites the Grassy Roots-Americana band Thunder & Lightnin.  With its rootsy bluegrass foundation, this group delivers energetic, upbeat, uplifting performances with just one thing in mind. Fun. From their CD, “Thunder & Lightnin’: a noise from up the holler”, the band looks to play many of their popular original tunes, like “My Paradise is You,” “Alive or Dead,” “Here to Stay” and “Tomorrow’s Girl.”

Plan B is honored to have renowned eco-political artist Lauren Strohacker collaborating on this project. The silhouettes of the “Wolves” will act as the canvas for the Call of the Wild Mural are created by Strohacker whose work emphasizes the non-human in an increasingly human-centric world. 

Strohacker’s new genre public art practice routinely consults and collaborates with both  local and national wildlife conservation organizations. Her work has been featured in New York City’s Times Square, along the Arizona border, across buildings in Flagstaff, Arizona, and numerous other locations.

Conceptually, Strohacker’s focus on wildlife and public space reflects larger contexts of ecology, conservation, and politics. As Ursula K. Heise writes, “Strohacker’s works, with their sophisticated mix of attention to the real world of nature and attention to its many mediations and representations, are a brilliant gateway to these discussions about the futures of nature and humans as well as nonhumans’ places in those futures.”

The wolf silhouette was chosen in recognition of its unique relationship to man, which is well documented. It is widely acknowledged that humans and wolves developed a close relationship after recognizing themselves in each other while hunting on the trail of big game. Many scientists believe that wolves initiated the relationship, even teaching man how to hunt ensuring their survival. 

Wolf silhouettes will serve as “panels” to the mural and will be added as it travels, growing into a meaningful, impactful expression of humanity’s need to reconnect to nature. 

For 45 years, it has been celebrated by conservationists for protecting, in former president Nixon’s words, “an irreplaceable part of our natural heritage, threatened wildlife.” In Arizona alone, there are 64 listings for endangered species comprising of plants and animals. This nonpartisan Act is supported by the majority of Americans yet is currently  being weakened threatening both wildlife and the overall health of the planet.  

All members of the Flagstaff community are encouraged to add their voice to the mural advocating for the Endangered Species Act by painting, drawing and writing their messages of support for wolves and all animals. Be a part of history as the mural grows and travels throughout the United States to its final destination, the National Mall of our nation’s Capital.

 The Call of the Wild event is free to the public from 12-6pm.  For more information please visit www.planb.foundation or call 559-425-6191.


Heritage Square
Downtown Flagstaff
Flagstaff, AZ 86001 United States