False Choice: The Economy or Our Health

Trump’s rush to end social distancing is dangerous and economic experts warn it threatens the economy in the long run.

Economic experts have been clear that it’s a “false choice” between saving the economy and lives, and that trying to “re-open” the country before we get the virus under control will have the opposite result. 

The White House is ignoring this — now saying Drs. Fauci and Birx will “take a back seat” as they stop focusing on addressing public health in the push to “re-open.”

  • Axios: “Economists say Trump’s coronavirus reopening plan is dead wrong.”
  • Economist Michael Strain: “A warning to the president: Trying and failing to reopen the economy before economic activity is organically ready to resume could have dire economic consequences.”

Only testing will reassure people.

  • NYT: Testing Remains Scarce as Governors Weigh Reopening States
  • 83% believe that in order to safely “reopen the country,” we need widespread testing and that we are not there yet. 

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