Fast Action Alerts 3/14/2021

BILL ALERTS for people who are short on time.

Use “My Bill Positions” in the RTS side bar menu to give these bills a thumbs-up or thumbs-down:


HB2585 – SUPPORT – Would require applicants for occupational therapy licenses to possess a valid fingerprint clearance card. Supported by the Arizona Occupational Therapy Association and the State Board of Occupational Therapists.

HB2621 – SUPPORT – Would direct the Arizona Department of Insurance to approve one uniform prior authorization request form for prescription drugs, medical devices, or durable medical equipment, and another uniform prior authorization form for all other healthcare procedures, treatments, and services, making the authorization process simpler and more efficient for healthcare consumers, providers, and insurance companies alike.


SB1653 – STRONGLY OPPOSE – This bill, sponsored by Sen. Wendy Rogers, would advance the “Sitgreaves County Project,” a proposal to carve out the southern portions of Navajo and Apache Counties to create a new county, apparently in an effort to boost helium fracking. Since county governments may not impose property taxes on federal Indian reservations, the Sitgreaves County Project would leave the remaining portions of Navajo and Apache Counties segregated and without sufficient tax revenues to pay for essential services such as road maintenance, solid waste management, and emergency management that serve Navajo, Hopi, and non-native residents alike. As a result of an amendment in the Senate Appropriations Committee, this bill would also appropriate $500,000 from the General Fund to survey the proposed county boundary lines.

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