Federal Action Alert – April 25th, 2022

Produced by Coconino County Democratic Party and Democrats of the Red Rocks

THIS WEEK’S ALERTS: Urge our Representatives to support the Babies Over Billionaires Act to require those who have over $100 Million in assets to pay their fair share of taxes. Ask our Representatives to support the G.I. Bill Restoration Act to give GI benefits to descendants and spouses of Black veterans of World War II. Get our Representatives to ask for legislation that will require Supreme Court Justices to follow the same Code of Conduct required of all other federal judges. Contact information for our elected officials is at the bottom of this alert.

Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) has introduced the Babies Over Billionaires Act that would require those with over $100 Million in assets to pay their fair share by taxing the value of their investment gains annually like we do with wages. It could raise $1 Trillion over 10 years. Specifically, the Babies Over Billionaires Act will annually tax 30% of unrealized gains of ultra-millionaires from publicly trade capital assets, such as stocks, at the prevailing long-term capital gains rate, and invest the revenue through programs run by the U.S. Departments of Education and Health & Human Services. It is time to invest in our Children.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn along with Congressman Seth Moulton, a marine veteran, introduced the G.I. Bill Restoration Act. The legislation would give financial benefits to descendants and spouses of black veterans who fought in World War II, but were excluded from aid outlined in the original G.I. Bill. More than 1.2 Million Black soldiers served bravely and with distinction during World War II, only to be denied the benefits of the G.I. Bill. Because the process of obtaining these benefits went through local veterans offices, many Black soldiers, especially in the Jim Crow South, were never able to access the aid they deserved.

The Supreme Court is currently experiencing a crisis of legitimacy unlike any in recent memory. Many Americans believe the Court has become a partisan body and don’t trust in its rulings. Justices are not required to recuse themselves from cases in which they may have a conflict of interest. An important step in restoring faith in the institution is to require justices to follow the same Code of Conduct all other federal judges must follow. Please urge our Representatives to pass legislation that requires Supreme Court members to abide by a strict code of ethics.

Sen. Mark Kelly: Call (202) 224-2235 (DC),  Email via his website at http://www.kelly.senate.gov Tag the Senator at @senmarkkelly.

Sen. Sinema:  Call (202) 224-4521 (DC) or (602) 598-7327.  Email via her website at “http://www.sinema.senate.gov”  Tag the Senator at @senatorsinema .

Rep. Tom O’Halleran: Call (202) 225-3361 (DC) or email via website at https://ohalleran.house.gov/contact Tag the Congressman @RepOHalleran

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