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Israel and Saudi Arabia Trip: Tell Biden to Stand for Human Rights

On July 13, Pres. Biden is heading to Israel and Saudi Arabia.  While Biden promised to put human rights at the center of his foreign policy he has remained silent as to these two states’  human rights abuses. 

While US taxpayers give $3.8 billion every year in military aid to Israel, Biden refuses to put any restrictions on that aid.  Israel’s preeminent human rights organization B’Tselem, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have all concluded that Israel is practicing the crime of apartheid in its treatment of Palestinians.   Saudi Arabia’s horrific war on Yemen has killed nearly 400,000 Yemenis.  Saudi women, and religious minorities are persecuted.  Journalists in both countries are killed without significant consequences.  Whether he says it in public or private, it’s time Biden demands these allies curb their behaviors and that he ties continuing support to compliance with basic standards of human rights.

Sample script to Pres. Biden:    I am a solid Democrat living in XXXXX, Arizona.  I was pleased that you ran on a campaign promising to put human rights at the center of our foreign policy. I am extremely disappointed that you now ignore that promise as seen in your trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia this week.  You have failed to speak out against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians which has been termed “apartheid” by the best human rights organizations.  You have failed to confront Saudi Arabia on its many human rights abuses against political opponents, women and religious minorities. Both countries have allowed killings of journalists (including a US citizen) without any consequences.  In public you are now silent on these abuses.  In your private discussions with leaders of these nations please make it clear that continued US support, financial or otherwise, will be contingent on adherence to basic norms of human rights.  Cozying up to human rights abusers only hurts US interests in the long run.  

Email President Biden here:  https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

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