Federal and State Action Items for Thursday, March 30

*Action Items for Thursday*

State Action:

We really didn’t expect to win in the House on ugly SB1367 yesterday and we didn’t. Don’t be discouraged; persist. NOW is the time to contact Governor Ducey and tell him to veto this bill. Once in a


he does the right thing when pressured hard enough. Tell him this bill is unconstitutional and making it the law of Arizona will waste taxpayer funds defending it in court. You might also add that medical experts provided some very persuasive testimony about why it’s morally and ethically wrong.

SB 1367 is the latest in Arizona’s misguided right-to-life bills would force doctors to perform extreme life-saving measures on all fetuses, regardless of gestational age or what their medical expertise guides them to do.

Governor Doug Ducey – 602-542-4331 Comment page: http://azgovernor.gov/engage/form/contact-governor-ducey


Federal Action:

Don’t stop the pressure on Gorsuch. He is extremely right-wing and will change the court for decades. McCain and especially Flake may turn deaf ears to our pleas, but we need to support the Senate Democrats by keeping those calls and letters coming:

1) Tell McCain and Flake (a) Gorsuch is too extreme. (b) it’s wrong to change the filibuster/cloture rule for Gorsuch when Judge Garland did not even get a Judiciary Committee hearing (c) a President under investigation for corruption with Russia should not be allowed such an important appointment.

2) Tell Senator Schumer you support a filibuster and will fight against Flake’s re-election in 2018.

Call Senator Flake:

Washington, D.C. — 202-224-4521

Phoenix — 602-840-1891

Tucson — 520-575-8633

Call Senator McCain:

Washington, DC 20510 — (202) 224-2235

Phoenix — (602) 952-2410

Prescott — (928) 445-0833

Tucson — (520) 670-6334

Call and Email Senator Schumer:    (202) 224-6542 https://www.schumer.senate.gov/contact/email-chuck

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