Federal Only Ballot Deadline!

Arizona law requires specified identification at the time of voter registration to prove citizenship. Federal law does not. Nearly 2000 voters have registered in Coconino County who will be eligible to vote only for Krysten Sinema and Tom O’Halleran and nothing else on that long ballot. Most of these are young Democrats or Democrat-leaning Independents. We need those votes and we’re going after them for our statewide and local candidates.

These voters have the opportunity to complete their registration by email (or in person) no later than 5 p.m. on this Friday. All each person has to do is take a photo of his or her birth certificate or passport and e-mail it to the County Elections Office at   Or, go into the Elections Office at 110 E. Cherry or the Flagstaff Mall with the original or a copy. (Students may not have these documents in Flagstaff, but their parents could take the picture and email to the student.)

Please share our Facebook post to publicize this. Our PCs and volunteers are working to track down these voters by phone and email and we’re also running social media ads.

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